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"Generations" wins at the California Independent Film Fest and Alameda International Film Fest

Candice Holdorf


Generations, the short film I wrote, has been playing in various festivals across the U.S. and Europe. I am excited to announce that Generations won Best Short Film at the California Independent Film Festival and Best Acting Ensemble at the Alameda International Film Festival. More to come…

My book "Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine's Journey" now available on Amazon

Candice Holdorf

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Available now on Amazon:

What is eros? How does eros relate to sex? How can archetypes guide one on the journey of reclaiming eros? These are just a few of the questions presented in Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine’s Journey. Reclaiming Eros is a shamanic initiation into erotic living as told through the lens of six feminine archetypes—Virgin, Whore, Warrior, Queen, Nun, Mother—whose stories are based on the author's descent into her own dormant desires. Using social and scholarly commentary, poetry, and fiction, Reclaiming Eros guides the reader on an inner erotic voyage—a heroine's journey that goes far beyond sex to the very core of that which makes us human.

Screenings, Festivals, and Workshops (Oh My!)

Candice Holdorf

Photo from "Rise/Vulnerable Rally" shoot in Oakland, CA

Photo from "Rise/Vulnerable Rally" shoot in Oakland, CA

So much has been happening over the past several months. With all the flurry of activity, it's been hard to keep up! So here's the breakdown of all the places you can catch me over the summer (with more to come:

1. Join me at SoulPlay Festival June 7-10, where I will be co-facilitating Blindfolded Contact with Gabriel Diamond as well as teaching my own workshop, Heal Your Relationship To The Feminine.

2. The short film I wrote, Generations, will be playing at the Empress Theatre on June 14 in Vallejo, CA. More info can be found on the FB invite.

3. The music video I co-produced/co-directed with Gabriel Diamond, "Rise/Vulnerable Rally," will have its festival world premiere at the Dances With Films Festival at the Chinese Theatre in LA on June 15. After the screening will be a Vulnerable Rally

4. I will be co-teaching two classes at the Northern California Dance Collective's Summer Dance Camp June 15-24: Blindfolded Contact & Somatic Consent.

5. June 27 at 7pm I will be co-teaching Blindfolded Contact with Gabriel Diamond before Ecstatic Dance

6. June 29 Gabriel Diamond and I will be facilitating a 3-hour long Blindfolded Contact workshopin Berkeley, CA from 7-10pm.

7. My book, Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine's Journey, is nearing the finish line! Stay up to date by joining my mailing list.

More to come dear ones in the coming months...

Mikey Pauker's RISE, a music video I co-produced/co-directed, goes viral

Candice Holdorf

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I am thrilled to announce that a music video I co-produced and co-directed with Gabriel Diamond of Outside Films has gone viral. The video, RISE by singer/songwriter Mikey Pauker, has reached nearly 180,000 views on Facebook in less than a week! Check it out and please share if you feel called.

If you were to make a sign that reveals something about yourself you want to hide from the world and hold it in public, what would it say? That’s the question Vulnerable Rally, conceived by Gabriel Diamond and co-created with Candice Holdorf, asks of its participants. Vulnerable Rally takes us past the niceties and social graces to which we conform into the very heart of that which makes us human. Our fears, our shames, our frailties, our prejudices—when these shadow parts of ourselves come to light, they not only have the chance to free us, they can also free those who pass us by. And here, connected by our common humanity, we discover we are not alone. Vulnerable Rally is the backdrop of Mikey Pauker’s, RISE, which too is rallying cry for its listeners to rise up both in strength and in vulnerability—a sentiment echoed by the song’s refrain, “Don’t let this world lock you out of your soul.”